Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some Food. No need to finish it.. but tell me what the first bite tastes like. I'm curious.

Tonight I watched a movie. Nicole Kidman, The Interpreter.. fair.
There is only one thing I've been trying to search:
I thought she said '(a) capella: It means standing on the opposite side of the river from another.'
And, it can't be. It's lead me to research on stars, and I now know that Capella is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga. Irrelevant. So I'm aggravated, because it was the one compelling phrase which resonated from this depiction of scandal within South African governments.

I'm in a fairly clear state of mind. I'm thinking, I like thinking about why vengeance is lazy.
I'm thinking, I miss people who share my love for antiques.
I'm also thinking if anyone else clues into social cues the way I do.
Like, how many people will speak to another simply to ensure that they are not alone, when they are the insecure and generally selfish disappearing act. Self-interest, a curious addition to human psychology. Or, isn't it at the root of our existence? Yeah. Yeah I read that somewhere.
Why are humans so predictable to me? I've always recognized this to be a trait of mine. To pay attention to strange and small detail. Or was that Tao reading from the cookie?
He must get bored of being so serious and play pranks once in a while..sometimes. Atleast. Poor dude's stuck inside a fortune cookie factory and can't get out.
I'm lucky. The shining of the gems, I'm thrown in passionate and passive fits when finding them. I wish my fingers could follow my thoughts as quickly.

Am I bitter, or passionate? Or do I simply take joy in how misleading words can be.. as I am now. No premeditation, just the lazy act of speaking silly. Free flow. The minutes before bed time are my favourite for that.. They're one of my favourites. Period..
'Lists. [I like to write lists].' And I don't mind who follows them, but I tend to love those who can follow them.
This was voiced of a character in that movie I mentioned, The Interpreter.
And so I find myself having gone in a small circle of thinking, as I usually do. I find myself at a coincidence, almost daily. I notice the small coincidences that make up my life, and sometimes other people's lives. I bet you do that too, don't you? It's enough for some inspiration, before I forget.
I am so, so happy to be directionally challenged. I could find myself absolutely anywhere, having been brought there by anything. eee wanderers. buzzing, hot, shiny things.... Unite?


Stephular said...

i love the way your thoughts link in such an abstract manner.

this entry reminds me of death cab's song title and registration

Femmes Fluos said...

unbelievable. That is the ONE quote I wrote down from that movie. I also tried to research it.
Mama's here baby.